is fashion dying?

Fashion isn't dead. Or maybe it is dying, but that's the beauty of it, isn't it? Death isn't an end. It's a rebirth; a new step on the spiral dance. In the age of Instagram, Vetements and designers saying goodbye to the typical fashion schedule, the industry is collectively undergoing a tangible transformation. It's time we embrace a new era of fashion. 

FASHION IS DYING is a space for emerging fashion designers, youth culture, subculture and mind blowing style. It's a space where we embrace a new paradigm of fashion, unabashedly and unapologetically. It's for the next generation of fashion to speak in their own words, no bullshit necessary.

So we ask you; is fashion dying? We say yes, but only so it can give birth to something even more dazzling than we can imagine.

Gabriela Herstik is a fashion alchemist, writer and witch based in Los Angeles. Her work dissects the intersection of fashion, sexuality and magick, and how the three inform one another. FASHION IS DYING is a love letter to Gabriela’s unyielding love for all things aesthetic, and her work as a fashion critic and writer. All served with a bewitching twist. Enjoy!