Hello, hello, is this thing on? Welcome to FASHION IS DYING, the lovechild of my passion for radical aesthetics and supporting the work of emerging designers and voices in fashion. I've been writing about fashion for little under a decade, since I started my fashion blog "Breathing Fashion" (RIP) in '09. Since then I've been fascinated by the way the fashion industry seems to both reflect and ignore the next generation of designers, with subcultures and youth culture becoming commodities sold back to us. Fashion isn't about how much money you make or who you can afford to wear. It's self-expression, it's glamour, it's a way to make this damn world a little more fun. 

One of the most transformative era's of my life was when I was a junior and studying abroad at London College of Fashion. The experience was amazing, and one that cemented my love of fashion and fashion writing, not to mention my undying admiration of Dame Vivienne Westwood. While there, I landed an internship with Deux Hommes Magazine and went to London Fashion Week as international press with my then editor Amy Vosejpka.  Deux Hommes, like FASHION IS DYING, is a space for a new generation of fashion, which means that most of the shows I went to were of emerging designers showing through Fashion Scout. I was writing collection reviews between shows, running around London, sitting front row and witnessing some of the most incredible fashion I've ever seen in real life, up close. There was a moment when I was washing my hands in the Cafe Nero down the street from the shows and the bubbles turned this iridescent, surreal, holographic hue. All of the sudden I got so emotional, the kind of "aha" moment that comes when you're in the vortex, living your dream and recognize that you're where you're supposed to be. It was surreal, and LFW is still one of my favorite experiences to date. 

Supporting and witnessing emerging designers in creating and displaying their work is still one of my passions (as is dressing up in said #looks.) My hope with FASHION IS DYING is that I continue to get the same feeling I did that fateful day in the Cafe Nero bathroom and that I get to share it with you, lovely readers, and the wonderful creatives that we feature. 

Fashion IS dying, just like every other industry and paradigm that exists right now. The structures aren't working. Fashion isn't sustainable, and neither is the system or the way much of the clothing is produced. The future rests with the new era, a regeneration, the next generation of designers, stylists and creatives who refuse to play by anyone else's rules. FASHION IS DYING but the designers and creatives shared on these pages are bringing it back to life.

Here's to the future. 

Your editrix
Gabriela Herstik

gabriela herstik