Better late than never, right folks? I feel like August is that one month that slips away. Everyone is on vacation, the sun is beaming and we're all generally trying not to melt. Los Angeles is experiencing a heat wave, per usual, and most of us are crowded inside with popsicles and AC on full blast, if we're lucky enough to have it. But the energy of summer is still here, balmy in all her seduction, and all we can do is surrender. 

I decided to change it up this month, and pull a tarot card for the month ahead to share with you all. The tarot is an ancient divination system made of 78 different cards that can be used for fortune telling, self- inquiry and spiritual guidance. For August, I pulled the Ace of Cups reversed. In tarot, the cups are ruled by the element of water and represent our emotions; they're the fluid part of us and often represent love of all kinds. Aces represent new beginnings, new ventures and seeds that are about to germinate and bloom. This card is pretty much saying that all we've been nurturing and tending to is almost ready to manifest, but not quite. August isn't an active month; it's one of restoration, when we can unplug and plug into our inner world. While the love and guidance and support is there, things are feeling a little hectic still, but they won't be for much longer. We could all always use more love. Period. Whether it's self-love, platonic love, or romantic love, whatever you've been craving is almost there. But for now, don't fight it. 

This month, I encourage you to wear what makes you feel most connected to your heart. Whether that's loads of pink blush, silver eyeshadow, leather on leather, denim, or something else entirely. How can you give yourself the love you crave? Buy yourself flowers, dress in your favorite color, wear that perfume that makes you feel like a god/dess. August is asking you to treat YOURself the way you want others to treat you. Do it. Be fabulous and never apologize for it. 

Your Editrix,


gabriela herstik