There's something to be said about a true statement piece. Not just something that catches the eye, but something that also makes you think, question and explore the motives of said aesthetic. This is certainly true for latex. Though the fabric is often associated with kink and fetishwear, there's a new crop of designers who are bringing the sultry and striking textile to the mainstream.

Take it from Los Angeles-based brand Busted, which is channeling old school Vivienne Westwood and making latex and plastic wear for the office, grocery store, party and wherever else you may feel like getting your freak on during daylight. With their made-to-order model and killer (aka actually affordable) prices, this brand may very well be the anecdote to streetwear that's worth nothing but hype. Made for every body with an underlying message of empowerment, Mariano Cortez's vision is realized through moto jackets, bodysuits, gowns, collars and more, in dusty pink, pitch black and cherry red. This line isn't for the faint of heart, but that's kind of the point. 

FASHION IS DYING talked to Busted about their ethos, why everyone deserves to feel sexy as hell in latex, and what's next for the brand.

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Photo by Ryan Clements

FASHION IS DYING: I love that like my queen Vivienne Westwood, you're bringing fetishwear into everyday life. What was the inspiration behind starting the Busted?
BUSTED: I started Busted with the intent to make everyday latex garments. My first collection was made only from matte latex. My matte latex does not need to be shined and is a little bit easier to digest than your standard lubed latex. When researching other latex designers I found most the garments were geared toward fetish play. My approach was to create garments for both fashion and play. I never understood why latex has to be considered something outside of everyday wear. I was trained by a really great latex designer and I wanted to utilize the techniques I learned to created garments that were both for fashion and play. Busted doesn’t follow the traditional CFDA calendar and we make our garments to last.

Photo by  Jess Garten

Photo by Jess Garten

FID: How does sexuality and eroticism play into the creation or energy of these pieces, if at all?
B: Sexuality is a huge part of my design process. I think sexual orientation was something I was confused about growing up. I was sort of pushed into the gender norms of suburbia. When I started Busted I wanted to be inclusive and make all of my garments empowering, and really step fully into what they want to be. I think everyone should be able to feel comfortable as who they are, and I think my garments can be a tool to really embrace sexuality. 

FID: Who's your muse? Anyone you'd die to see in your clothes?
B: No one muse. My muses are the people that embrace their "weird." 

FID: Is there anything you wish more people understood about latex or PVC?
B: Latex and PVC can be flattering for ALL body types. The materials themselves are very unique in that they have a "second skin" quality. I really try to utilize that aspect of the materials. All my garments are made to order and I have no issue altering patterns to ensure my customers get the best fit for their body.

Photos by Ryan Clements

Photos by Ryan Clements

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FID: How would you describe the ethos of Busted?
B: We hand-craft garments for the fashion innovators. Our garments are designed to push boundaries and empower the people wearing them. 

FID: How do you hope someone feels in your pieces? 
B: EMPOWERED.  Most of my garments are designed to show off the human body and are therefore a bit revealing. I’ve worked to design cuts that accommodate the variety of real body types and I want everyone to feel their like their most confident selves in our garments.    

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FID: Is fashion dying?
B: More and more with $800 T-shirts. Streetwear is currently considered high fashion, and with “designers” poping up left and right with the hottest celebrity wearing their $800 t-shirt more real designers are getting discredited. That being said, this is the current trend I do not see this lasting for much longer with unjustifiable prices companies like Vetements being on the way out.  I think there is still hope for real artist. 

Photo by Ryan Clements

Photo by Ryan Clements

Photo by Jess Garten

Photo by Jess Garten

FID: If you were a ghost and had to wear pieces from your line for forever, what would it be and why?
B: I think it would be my studded Moto Jacket and Cock Belt. These garments were part of my first collection and really kick-started my line. I also think the outfit is versatile - good for a night out or a DEADLY session, ha!

FID: What's next?
B: I’m planning to show at Fashun Tweek in Los Angeles this year. Look out for our runway show!


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