Well y’all… we’ve made it. Has it been the longest year ever, or is time just an allusive bitch? Either way, we’re here, we did it, we’re still glamorous and doing the best we can and that’s all that really matters anyway. So take a deep breath, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re still kickin and you’re doing amazing sweetie.

I think a lot of us are upgrading, transforming on many levels whether it’s physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. We’re being asked to let go of old patterns, habits and situations and try new ones for a new era instead. I think of this as snake energy; the moment before shedding skin when everything just feels tight and uncomfortable and wrong. And then the shedding comes and it makes sense. It’s crossroads energy, the liminal space, a tween land saved for moments of evolution. the real test. Two of Swords energy.

December is a sticky month for a lot of people. We are deep in the waning year, when the nights are getting longer and longer until the longest night of the year, December 21st, the Winter Solstice. This is when our third eye gazes inward, when night creeps in on us and we have to dwell in the shadows whether we’re ready or not. It’s the time of flickering candles, yule logs, firewood, hot coco, the holidays. It’s a time when triggers arise, when commercialism ensues and when religion is at the center of our everyday life. I invite you to take some time to treat yourself this month, to take a bath, light some candles and chill. To listen to the darkness. To have some tea with your demons. To wander in the shadows and listen to whatever she has to say. Then, when you’ve understood her secrets, drift back into the light.

It may be hard but through it all we have love, we have art, we have sex and music and friendship. We also have Ariana Grande. Can we really complain?

gabriela herstik