Crossing over through the veil, the spirits of the worlds murmur. She is not one to listen to doubts, to listen to “reason,” or even to listen time or space. Multiple dimensions call her name, like the flower with a fragrance just as sweet. Rose finds herself in Los Angeles, decades away from what she knows, a visitor in an unknown world full of generational karma that only she can fix. When the ancestors invite you to move through the healing, you listen. When the ancestors invite you to cut the cords of generational curses, you listen. Time is a myth anyway, and the Rosemary Hotel acts like a vortex, holding space for the healing that spans levels of reality. This is dharma at its finest, and only Rose can break the intergenerational pain. With magick, mystery and glamour…. we invite you to the world of Generational Drama.


VIDEO AND CONCEPT: Kristina Bakreveski (@KristinaBaky)
STYLING AND TALENT: Gabriela Herstik (@gabyherstik)
MUSIC: Kittens (@iamkittens)

gabriela herstik