Damn, it's hot out. Or maybe it's just you? We're all out here trying to SURVIVE AND THRIVE amidst political chaos, plenty of intense astrological happenings and global warming, which is generally making our earth a sauna. But duality is that bitch; for every difficult situation we're facing IRL, we're also seeing intense love, protests, people raising their voices; we're all rising up together to create a new paradigm. "If it's not broke, don't fix it," but things are finally breaking and we're here to create from the rubble and chaos.

Yesterday's New Moon in Cancer and partial Solar Eclipse were a huge invitation to take a second and think about what's nurturing us and how we can really, actually, engage with self-care practices. Have you taken a moment to breathe? Stretch? Drink water? Take a bath? Well, do it! And yes, #treatyourself still counts. You can read more about this energy in the NU MOON IN CANCER  report we published; this is an amazing time to think about what we want to claim and grow in the next 6 to 12 months. July marks the second half of the year, the perfect chance to make taking care of our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being a priority.

July is always an interesting time as far as fashion goes. Resort season sort of feels like fake news, and it's too hot to wear a lot at all. Thankfully we have menswear to inspire our sartorial souls, because gender norms are so 2012 and nothing screams summer nights like a blazer with bare chest under it. July is for movies outside, under the moon. For oversized plastic fruit earrings, silk slips, oversized tees worn as dresses, slicked back ponytails, platform sandals and leather jackets worn coyly over-the-shoulder. Swipe on that bright pink lipstick and some blush, dance like no one's watching and reinvent yourself. Life's too short to dress up as the same person forever, so go ahead; find a new part of yourself and dress them to the nines!

I hope that you celebrate the season with plenty of love, friends and dancing. May this month bring you clarity, fortitude, and love. I can't wait to share even more mind bending content here on FASHION IS DYING. Thank you to everyone who supports us. 

Forever your editrix,
Gabriela Herstik

gabriela herstik