Personal style is like alchemy. When you’re able to unapologetically embrace who you are, and literally wear it on your sleeve, you subsequently transform the way you move through this world. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; fashion is magick. We’re here for using style as a way to deepen a relationship to the Self, and as a way to feel good and make life more fun. And Moon Arrow, the LA-based brand founded by Gabriela Rosales, is on our wavelength.

Inspired by festival fashion and Gabriela’s time as a gogo dancer, Moon Arrow is all about embracing your wild side and dressing it the hell up. Think reversible velvet tops with corset backs, oversized bell sleeves on bewitching dresses, and floor length kimonos in kaleidoscope prints. This brand isn’t subtle, nor does it want to be. Instead, Moon Arrow is all about embracing what sets you apart, owning your individuality and doing it all with a sexy twist.

FASHION IS DYING talked to Gabriela about her inspiration, muses, Los Angeles and what’s next for the brand. Read on for your daily dose of personal style inspiration and magick.

FASHION IS DYING: How did you start Moon Arrow? Have you always loved fashion?
GABRIELA ROSALES: Yes! Fashion has always been my first love! Fashion was a constant driving force in my life but I never really entertained the idea of doing anything fashion related as a career because my family is highly academic. During high school, I was always “editing” clothing and/or shoes that I bought because I hated walking down the hallway and seeing someone with the same shirt or shoes or anything, so I always found ways to make my things different. After graduating high school, I became a go-go dancer and started expanding my design skills by making costumes for myself and other dancers using things like glue guns and safety pins. Eventually, after dropping out of college and getting let go from a random job, I finally surrendered to my love of fashion that had been there all along. I finally realized that fashion was the only thing I could see myself committing my life to so I bought a sewing machine, watched some YouTube videos, bought some fabric and got started in January of 2015, after making the New Year’s resolution to start letting my heart guide me. It’s been 3.5 years since I made that decision and I’ve never looked back. It hasn’t been the easiest road but it fulfills me more than anything I thought ever could.


FID: I love that you're pushing the boundaries between what's "festival fashion" and what's "irl fashion." How do you think your brand helps inspire peoples style in real life?
GR: I think the most significant characteristics of festival culture and fashion are the ever-present themes of freedom, inclusion and youthfulness. Music brings together people of all different ethnicities, orientations, ages, sizes and sexes and encourages everyone to be their truest selves. One of the most common things I hear is “I’m too old for that.” I feel so sad when people say that because age should never be a limiting factor for connecting with youthful energy. You don’t have to BE young to connect with yourself in that way and if “youthful” things make you happy then who cares what anyone else thinks? This bring an ultimate feeling of confidence, which I aim to invoke through my clothing that is “appropriate” by societies standards. This way you can look like the space-traveling, music-loving, star child that you ARE in everyday life. And subsequently infiltrate your everyday life with those powerful feelings that SHOULD be felt every day, not just at festivals.

FID: How would you describe the ethos of Moon Arrow?
GR: Moon Arrow is about empowerment through adornment. Fashion has always been my go-to for building confidence. Whenever I’m having one of those days where I feel small, inferior and just blah, I go to my closet and put something on that makes me feel unstoppable and powerful. It’s not always easy to look the way you feel if you’re feeling less than fabulous, so sometimes you have to deck yourself out in some magickal threads in order to help your inner self feel as stunning as your outer self looks!


FID: I know you've been in LA for about two years — what has it been like creating here?
GR: Coming to LA was the best thing I ever did for my business. In addition to the expansive Fashion District in DTLA, I have met an astonishing number of highly creative people in multiple fields. But the thing that makes me love LA the most is everyone’s willingness to collaborate. I have learned so much from befriending and collaborating with all different kinds of creatives including other designers, models, photographers, videographers, musicians… etc! Everyone supports each other because LA is not an easy city to live in and we all have an understanding of the sacrifices we have to make every day to survive and thrive here. LA has become a very powerful collective that I’m extremely proud to be a part of. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people I can learn so much from in so many different ways because it allows for endless inspiration to push boundaries.

FID: Who would you love to see in your clothes?
GR: I have a lot of muses in this life and it would be such a thrill to see anyone who has inspired me in some way wear a creation of mine, so they could have a piece of the heart they helped inspire. I really resonate with Jhene Aiko right now. I’ve always loved hip hop and her music has brought an ethereal grace to that world that I never thought I would see. I would also love to see Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks in my designs because they are two of my biggest witchspirations in terms of music and style! They are both so hypnotic and graceful and mysterious and are two beacons of feminine power which, naturally, is a massive part of what Moon Arrow is.  

FID: Is fashion dying?
GR: I think fashion is reincarnating! It is constantly evolving and renewing itself to stay current and functional. One of my favorite things to see is how the past always inspires the present and seeing new ways of reinventing things from that past or even bringing that into present. There are always cycles and patterns; it is another way to observe and appreciate the current climate of our culture.

FID: What's your advice to someone who may be afraid to take risks with their style?
GR: Always be true to yourself!!! There will always be people that think that the more they do “what’s cool”, the more likely they will be accepted and even revered; but that only makes you blend into the masses. The most radical thing you can do in this age of information is set your own trends. At the end of the day, life is too short to let society or other people dictate what feels right to you. Fashion is so much more than what you look like. It’s about how the outside makes you FEEL on the inside and as long as you honor that, you’ll never settle for anything that’s less than YOU.


FID: What's next?
GR: Besides all the new designs I have in the works, New York Fashion Week Fall 2019 is on the horizon! I was actually supposed to do it this year, but instead I invested my time and money into all of the new designs, some of which I’ve already revealed, like the Mosaic Dreams Kimonos (a collection of one of a kind kimonos that I’m always adding to). I didn’t want to participate in NYFW until I was positive that I would be displaying my best work, and I’m finally in a place where I think that is possible. I’m also working on getting some of my work into stores! A lot has changed on the back end this year, but I’ve been planting roots and solidifying foundations and now I am ready to grow upwards!

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