Hello one and all.
I am sorry for the radio silence this past month — October is the season of the witch, and this witch was busy as hell, leading events and doing interviews in NYC and LA. I am sorry I missed the Full Moon in Taurus, as well as your October LFTO, but alas, here we are!

It’s November, it’s Scorpio season, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been feeling a lot. With tomorrow’s election day and the New Moon in Scorpio Wednesday, it’s easy to feel like things are shifting faster than we are. But now is the time to put that beautiful soul to work. Now is the time to claim your power and dive into the shadows. Now is the time to vote, and to sacrifice anything that’s no longer serving you to the darkness.

November is always a liminal space for me. We’re much more tuned in to the season, and it (hopefully) starts feeling like fall in LA. The days continue getting darker and darker as the longest night of the year comes closer, and nothing seems quite as comforting as a warm sweater and your favorite spot on the couch. Personally, my color palette revolves around black, cheetah and red, and this month will probably be no different. Fall, and the impending winter, is a time for us to touch base with ourselves. After the glimmer and glamour of summer, and all the fun parties that come with it, Fall is a chance for us to reintegrate and check in with how we’re doing beneath the surface.

This month, I urge you to find some connection. Whether that’s to the Self, to nature, to a new spiritual practice. Wear things that keep you in your power, that remind you of your ability to live fully and unapologetically. Create a signature look and stick to it. Wear black everyday for a week to mourn for that which no longer serves you. Play with different textures that remind you of the beauty in the pain and grief and loss; all of it makes the sweet sweeter.

Through it all, I hope you remember that transformation is inevitable. And like fashion, old versions of ourself are dying to make room for the new. Embrace your inner phoenix and move fiercely through the fall.

All the love to you.
Your Editrix in Chief,
Gabriela Herstik

gabriela herstik