It's Virgo season; can you BELIEVE? The back to school energy is in full swing, and even if you haven't been in school in years, you know the feeling. Mornings feel still, calling for fall which is only a few weeks away. Suddenly we're being asked to step into alignment, get our wardrobes, schedules and selves sorted so we can level the fuck up before the winter. Things are shifting and clearing away, and if you're anything like me, you're being called to embrace a new look because your current aesthetic is #OLD.
Of course, September also means fashion month is officially starting, and you know we're excited to see all the latest shows from our favs. We're hoping the fashion system continuous to phase out the old and phase in the new too. We're ready for diversity, baby; disabled folks, fat folks, trans folk, queer folks, folks of color... we want it all on the runway. We'll keep you updated on the latest trends, and the voices you may have missed during fashion week who deserve to be heard as well. And in case you want a dose of astro talk to help you decide what to wear this fashion month, don't forget we have a Virgo season style guide to help you out. 
And in case you need even more inspirational content this September, our latest feature is an interview with Latina sweetheart Ana Estela, an innovative designer who just released her first collection. And if you're looking for some sweet Venusian vibes this Friday, we also have a brand new editorial up called "Midnight Seduction at the Rosemary Hotel." And of course, so much more content coming your way.
XXX Your Editrix,
Gabriela Herstik

gabriela herstik