It’s under the guise of the water bearer that we’re led into a new reality. After we’ve experienced the deeply soul shaking magick of the Blood Moon Eclipse on January 20th, we’re ready to usher in a new paradigm. We’re also ushering in the season that can help us get there, Aquarius season, ruled by the air sign that is actually just time traveling aliens from the future. Aquarius energy is that of the humanitarian, of leaders led by their mission and not ego. This is a time of radical innovation, when boundaries are pushed, revolution is called for and old patterns are left to die. Aquarius is interested in the future, in evolution, in the whole as a means to an end. This is a sign obsessed with thought, with creation, with figuring out a new solution. This is a time to let our inner freak flag fly harder, faster and more vocally then ever before; are you ready?

This is not a season to play small. After the commitment and dedication of Capricorn season, Aquarius season can feel like a gust of wind asking us to move, play, and create something totally new. You have the structure from Capricorn, and now Aquarius is asking you to see that box and think outside of it. The eclipse may have closed some doors, but that just means that more are promised to open. And it’s with the connective, collaborative and straight up weird energy of Aquarius that we can march into new territories and transform them as we desire.

This is the season of the freak, period. Aquarius love to push social norms so try something new and sexy this month. Wear something striking, watch movies about aliens, meditate on the consciousness of humanity. Wear your favorite silver eyeshadow and orange lipstick, wear all your leather at once, take your new collar for a spin. This is also the season of technology, so ask yourself how you can use social media, 3D printing, and the future to help inspire your look. Wear more metal, more silver, more platform boots that make you five inches taller. You’re allowed to shape shift and transform, and in Aquarius season it’s actually encouraged. So go on. We know you’re not from this dimension anyway. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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January 21 — February 20

SMELLS: The smell of the morning right after the rain, lavender, leather, sandalwood, anything that you can’t recognize but adore. That scent of perfume lingering on pillowcases. The scent of berries and fresh fruit, champagne and herbal tea. Anything that gets you in your body and in your head. Black Opium perfume by YSL.

TASTES: Fresh berries, red wine, coffee with agave, vanilla, the taste of your lovers lips.

COLORS: Metallic everything; yellow gold, silver on silver, bronze. Red on red, black on black, cheetah on cheetah. Colors that stun and strike. Lavender, deep purple, holographic anything and everything.

TEXTURES: The freakier the better. Latex in black and red, vinyl in every shade under the sun. Clear vinyl worn over skintight spandex. Faux leather, spiked everything, everything and anything fetish inspired. The more striking the better.

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 11.37.38 AM.png

COLLECTION: Iris van Herpen Spring 2019 Couture

TO WEAR: The bolder the better. Experiment with it all. Ultra masc, ultra femme, ultra androgynous. The most fetish inspired look you can find. Long tees over ripped tights, metallics on metallics, oversized and inspiring silhouettes. 3D printed dresses that look like they’re from the future, Black (faux) leather on black faux leather, jackets in primary colors and hues that draw you in. All holographic looks finished off with alien-esque silver accessories and anything ultra retro-futuristic. Plunging necklines that reveal it all, and the tightest, smallest dresses you can find. The more provocative the better. Black lipstick, orange lipstick, red lipstick. Silver eyeshadow. Long, talon nails in holographic.

TO SEE: Mars Attacks!, The Fourth Kind, Arrival, Zenon, anything about aliens and the future

TO HEAR: Bjork, Sonic Yogi, the sound of the planets

gabriela herstik