Today’s fiery Aries Full Moon is the perfect compliment to the loving, generous vibe of the sun in Libra. We’ve felt the shift of Fall, the energy vibrating a little differently than usual. Suddenly were being cast into the darkness, the waning year in full force, as we prepare for impending darkness of this time of year. After celebrating what brings us sustenance and nourishment and love and joy, we’re being given the chance to burn what’s no longer working for us, and to fortify what is.

Aries energy is visionary, it’s vibrant, it’s unapologetic. It’s the perfect time to sit with a candle and gaze at the flame, allowing yourself to receive any messages that come your way. It’s the perfect time to write a letter to what’s hurting you or making you angry and then burn it. It’s all about embodying the bright and daring energy of Aries, and using it as a guide to follow what lights up your mind, body and soul.

Today’s moon is also a reminder to be gentle with yourself, always, especially during energetically charged days like today. Breathing, spending time in nature, taking a bath, stretching, meditating, journaling — any practices that bring you strength and grounding, and that help you connect to your inner power, are always worthy🖤.

Full Moons are a time of completion and reflection, when we get to honor our growth since the New Moon two weeks ago. As we enter a new season, today’s Aries moon is the perfect opportunity to really create space for what’s going to help us throughout the rest of fall and winter. What needs to burn away? What needs some fortification through the sacred flame? Use this Full Moon to examine what needs your attention and what doesn’t.

TO WEAR: Red lipstick, rose perfume, vintage band shirts as dresses, nails as sharp as talons in jewel tones, oversized turquoise rings on every finger, carnelian necklaces, red off-the-shoulder dresses, anything that fuels your inner fire, stiletto heels, shiny Doc Martens, red eyeshadow, faux beauty marks a la Dita von Teese.

TO SEE: From Dusk Till Dawn, The Lost Boys, Interview with a Vampire.

TO EAT: Chips and Salsa, Bloody Marys, pomegranate seeds, anything that ignites your senses and makes you happy to be alive.

TO DRINK: Apple cider and whiskey, Moscow Mules, grapefruit juice

TO LISTEN TO: “I Want You Back” *NSYNC, “505” Arctic Monkeys, “I Was A Teenage Werewolf” The Cramps


Top photo by Carrie Lynn Tessa

gabriela herstik