We're all blind here, and probably mad too. We don't see anything but energy, we're all one baby, and we're not savvy to the dogma of the old. Korean label Blindness presented a gender neutral Spring 2019 collection that's leaving us beginning for a dark romance of our own. Frills of air light clouds made their ways to sleeves, coats and collars alike. Not even legs were safe from this new age Edwardian Dandyism, for they too were fashioned with the same sheer nude fabric. The keyword here is indulgent; there were more ruffles than we could count (thank god) but also plenty of hoods and masks accented with pearls, a reoccurring theme in the brand's work. Blindess's latest offering also features plenty of plaid, an oversized pearl vest, and garments that are doing the most in the best way possible. We want to wear this out on the town, maybe after the opera, while the city sleeps and we can take it all in. 

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