Hold onto your feels, honey. The Cancer New Moon is here to offer us a fresh look into all things emo. Has your heart been whispering secrets to you? Asking you to dive into everything that keeps her safe and seen? With a Partial Solar Eclipse also happening today, we have the opportunity to set our third eyes into the future to see what can carry and support us for the next 6 to 12 months. While New Moons mark a fresh energetic cycle  when we can focus on what we want to manifest and evolve towards, eclipses are these same sort of doorways but magnified. Instead of thinking about the next month, we think about the next half a year to year.

 Cancer, ruled by the crab, is a water sign that's sensitive, intuitive and in touch. It's the perfect time to slip on something delicious that makes you feel tapped into the cosmos. Take time to think about what nourishes you and sustains you. Take a salt bath. Put on your favorite pink lipstick. Watch the sunset at the beach while you sip some rosé. Think about how it feels like we're all losing our minds and then listen to "Losing My Mind." Just because it feels like a lot doesn't mean we have to live from a place of overwhelm. Take the next couple of days to ask yourself what YOU need and then put that first. Self-care and self-compassion are key right now.    We are all getting through this together. 


TO WEAR: Red vintage kaftans, oversized pink sunglasses, vintage costume jewelry earrings with an excessive amount of bling, sheer shirts with barely there bras, white men's button ups sans pants, silky slips, chunky sandals, no shoes at all, turquoise eyeshadow, oversized amethyst necklaces, aquamarine rings, bright pink lipstick and metallic everything.

TO SEE: The ocean, the sunset, the way the sky turns pink an hour before the sun goes down.

TO EAT: Fresh popsicles in an array of fruits; strawberry, mango, pineapple. 


TO LISTEN TO: "Losing My Mind" by Kaerhart

TO WATCH: Spice World

TO TOAST: Still, abolishing ICE and all other oppressive structures that separate families, further marginalize minorities and repay the rich. 

gabriela herstik