Capricorn season comes to us at a time when we just need to get our shit together. It’s the post-holiday slump, right before the new year, and all of the stress of family is starting to melt away as our anxiety starts to set in on the new year. What the fuck are our resolutions? Capricorn season, which began on December 21st, is the perfect energy to help us get our ducks in a row. It’s the energy of seeing what has to be done and then doing that little by little, step by step, to actually finish it. This is the opposite of finicky, the opposite of setting your eyes on ten prizes and then grabbing them all at once. Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by the goat, which means commitment is a priority and so is hard work. But Capricorns are also fabulous as hell, and know that sometimes the occasion just calls for some elegance to really make it all worthwhile.

Capricorn season is asking you to get clear about your desires and intentions for 2019. But instead of picking a million things to focus on or change or renovate, Capricorn is asking you to pick one. What’s one thing you can commit to in 2019? It doesn’t have to be huge — the key is actually committing. While Sagittarius season wants us to set our sights as far as possible, Capricorn wants us to zoom back into the present so we can actually do tangible and directed work, right here, right now. Don’t try to do it all, just do what you can. And don’t forget to grab yourself a new dress for New Years, because you deserve it.

Capricorn season is also the perfect time to create a uniform for yourself. What pieces can you simply not live without? High waisted pants and trousers, oversized or vintage tees, blazers in navy or slate gray or black, silky blouses layered with denim and brogues, oversized sweaters with tights and stacked boots; the options are endless. Capricorn style is all about utilitarian and menswear inspired pieces with a twist. Classic staples worn your way to bring something new to classic workwear. Having a uniform can give you freedom during the year when you don’t know what to wear but still want to look fabulous. Godspeed to you.

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SMELLS: Freshly fallen rain or snow. Peppermint. Cinnamon, frankincense, sandalwood. The smell of the earth. The smell of home made food, of freshly done laundry, the smell of the house you grew up in. The smell of childhood comfort, of old books, of the perfume your grandma wore. The smell of what brings you comfort, stability, strength.

TASTES: Hot chocolate, early gray tea, fresh bread, raspberries, beets, comfort foods; whatever that means to you.

COLORS: Camel brown, ivory white, slate gray. The colors of the earth; chestnut, black, stone, garnet. Primary colors; red, yellow and blue. Deep, crimson red. Red the color of blood. Green the color of moss. Ballet pink, stark white, bright orange.

TEXTURES: Laundry fresh out of the dryer. Oversized wool sweaters in nudes and jewel tones. Faux leather, soft to the touch. Thin cashmere that kisses the flesh. Oversized faux fur coats in slate gray or bright red. Pashminas that feel like a hug from the universe.

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COLLECTION: MM6 Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2019

TO WEAR: Oversized sweaters, neutrals on neutrals, maxi skirts layered with long sleeves. Vintage pea coats in slate gray, off white and deep blue. Blue on blue, yellow on yellow, red on red; monochrome everything. Workwear inspired pieces that turn the office into a runway. Pleated skirts, oversized blazers with vintage buttons, corsets worn over tea shirts, chunky soled boots. Big fluffy coats, scarves worn over the head and layered with pearls, vintage silk blouses and talismans that make you feel confident and capable.

TO SEE: Wolf of Wall Street, The Witch (for Black Phillip),

TO HEAR: “Money” by Cardi B, Lana Del Ray, Edith Piaf

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