Are you listening? Do you feel something deep in your stomach, calling you to change and grow and evolve? Do you hear your fantasies whispering in your ear as the sun rises and your mind wanders? Well, it’s the full moon in dreamy Gemini. The sun has just moved into fiery Sagittarius, so things are about to get surreal and steamy. Our wildest desires and fantasies are coming to the surface, and HONEY it’s time to listen!

With this energy, we have the chance to chase our dreams with a lit arrow, calling our passions to guide us wherever we want to go. This isn’t the time to play small or demean your power. Now is the time to own your vision and step into it. This is the perfect energy to get clear about your dream and mission. Write it down, dance it out, create art about it, plan a new project- this is the time to believe in yourself with your whole heart.

Photo by  Ivory Woods

Photo by Ivory Woods

Represented by the twins, Gemini is all about creative self-expression, collaboration and turning thoughts into reality. It’s the perfect day to tap into what sets your soul aflame and really own how you can manifest that. All magick is supported right now, especially around passion, purpose, creativity, love and healing.

Try dedicating a candle to your intention and letting it burn down as you visualize the outcome you desire. Take a bath with mugwort and lavender. Write poetry to the universe. Make some goals you want to accomplish and make mantras to help yourself get there — the possibilities are endless . Wear white on white, red or pink lipstick, your favorite vintage and anything else that helps you feel like you’re alter ego. Use your wardrobe to cast an invincible glamour on yourself, and then refuse to believe you’re anything less than divine. The moon is on your side.

Photo by  Ivory Woods

Photo by Ivory Woods

TO WEAR: Vintage white wedding dresses layered with silver harnesses and body jewelry. Oversized sweaters with tights and platform boots. Silver eyeshadow, red lipstick, vintage pearls. Faux leather jackets, plenty of blush, vintage passed on by your family. Glitter eyeshadow, shag sweaters, high waisted leggings with vintage band tees.

TO SEE: The Shining

TO EAT: Thanksgiving leftovers

TO DRINK: Lemonade with lavender, black tea, coffee with agave

TO LISTEN TO: Gemini queen Lana Del Ray

TO TOAST TO: All the indigenous people who have come before us, who are here, who are fighting, who are changing things.

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