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It's time to roar, baby. We're here, we're unapologetic and guess what? We're fabulous. It's Leo season, and the lion is telling us to step into our power and make some damn noise. Ruled by the element of fire, Leo season is all about what lights us up and turns us on. After emotional Cancer season, we're being asked to step into our fullest embodiment and shine like the King of the jungle. What can you do to reclaim your power? How can you begin to see yourself as the radiant, passionate, jewel of a soul you are?

Leo season is hedonistic. It's selfish. It's asking you what YOU can do for yourself. What turns your mind, body and soul on, and how can you give that to yourself? Leo season is all about working with the ego and not against it. You don't play with fire if you're not ready to be burned. Leo season invites us to step into a new, shiny, glamorous versions of ourselves. It's all about making a statement without shying away from the attention it may bring. It asks us to drip in finesse by wearing bold prints and textures, plenty of metallic and of course gold, gold, gold. Leo season is asking you to embody your potential without shame or apology. So do it and go get em, tiger. 

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SMELLS: Bonfires at night under the Full Moon, the desert, whiskey, fresh oranges still on the tree,  cinnamon, the smell of rain hitting the concrete at night.
TASTES: Mimosas, Tres Leche cake, whiskey, fresh lemonade, deep purple beets, kisses from lovers lips.
COLOR: Gold lamé, cheetah, metallics in every shade and tone, deep black, scarlet, cherry red, sacral chakra orange, lemon yellow, psychedelic pink, burgundy, oxblood, rose gold, gold, gold, gold. 
TEXTURES: Skintight leather in black and red, shiny black vinyl, red spandex, silks in shades of the sunset, sequins in shimmering gold and bronze, metallics with high sheen, plastic and PVC in red, oxblood and maroon. 
COLLECTIONS: Versace Spring 2018, Saint Laurent Fall 2016

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TO WEAR: Vintage scarves wrapped around your face for a serious elegant vintage vibe, cheetah hot pants, sequin party dresses in micro-mini cuts, tube tops in shimmering gold, oversized gold earrings and necklaces that match, red crop tops with vinyl pants, mini dresses with sharp shoulders, cat eye sunglasses with gold accents, opera length gloves in deep blue, oversized sun hats, metallic miniskirts, cherry red trousers, gold costume jewelry, vintage mens blouses tied up, parasols, red lipstick, orange eyeshadow, gold highlighter and a "IDGAF" attitude. 
TO SEE: Showgirls for the looks, vibe and "Versace."
TO HEAR: "All Fired Up" by Interpol, "Moneybag" by Cardi B, "Hung Up" by Madonna, "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" by ABBA
CRYSTALS: Citrine (prosperity and abundance,) Pyrite (protection and grounding), Garnet (prosperity and grounding), Herkimer Diamonds (to connect to your celestial guides and abundance.) 

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