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The moon is new tonight in the sign of Libra. Represented by the scales and ruled by the planet Venus, Libra is a sign or romance, partnership, balance and justice. New Moons are the energetic starting point of the month, when we get to dive deep into our souls and shadows to learn of what we need to cultivate in this next cycle as the light of the moon starts to grow. This is a time of beginnings, perfect for setting intentions and goals while also reflecting on the last month

In Libra, the new moon gives us space to witness how we relate to love, romance and play. No matter how dark the world gets, YOU need your OWN love. Not the love someone else has given or promised you, but that which you can give to yourself. This is a journey, and it’s important to remember that even if you can’t love yourself rn, you can give yourself some compassion. Use this new moon to remember that wherever you are is okay🖤

Magick around love, pleasure, romance, justice, karma, balance and healing is all supported right now. Some ways to honor this energy are; taking salt baths with lavender, mugwort and rose petals. Creating a tea ritual for warmth, safety and comfort. Working with rose quartz, amethyst and aquamarine. Writing poetry and love letters to yourself. Meditating on light or darkness. Working with goddesses of love or darkness. Meditating on the flame of a white candle. Smelling some flowers. Moving your body in a sacred dance of self-seduction. Stretching and giggling and enjoying the feelings. Do whatever makes you feel connected to love or balance.

TO WEAR: Talismans passed down from family members, chunky gold jewelry, light sweaters in pink, oxblood and black. Cashmere everything, super soft scarves wrapped loosely around the head. Denim that fits every curve of your body. Leather jackets, spiked chokers and tourmaline for protection. Silver eyeshadow, lacy lingerie and red lipstick for connection to the heart.

TO SEE: Some Like it Hot, Daisies, The Love Witch

TO EAT: Fresh strawberries, coconut milk ice cream, raspberries, fresh fruit, candied rose petals on fresh baked sweets

TO DRINK: Ginger and turmeric tea

TO LISTEN TO: The soundtrack from Only Lovers Left Alive

TO TOAST TO: The fall of the patriarchy

Photo by Ivory Woods, wearing Forgotten Feather Vintage

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