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Fall is officially here and with it comes the winds of change. The energy feels a little stiller, a little heavier. Suddenly we’re being asked to start peering behind the shine and shimmer of summer, to the depth and darkness of Autumn. Libra season arrived on September 23rd, the day after the Fall Equinox, when day and night are equal lengths. Represented by the symbol of the scales, Libra in it’s most evolved state echoes the idea of day and night’s own equilibrium. This is a sign that knows to see the light you must also see the dark; but that beautiful things and pleasure and love make it all better.

Libra season is all about love, partnership and balance. It’s asking us to focus on beauty, on romance, on fun and play! Ruled by the planet Venus, which is associated with sex, love, beauty. glamour, and art, Libra season is all about indulgence, hedonism and enjoyment. This air sign season can feel lighter and less serious than Virgo season, a tease before the depths of Scorpio season.

Libra season is the perfect chance to ask yourself what needs balance. What’s nurturing and sustaining and inspiring you? What’s depleting you, and robbing you of nourishment? Weigh the scales on different aspects of your life, reflecting on how you can release what’s dying before winter comes. This is a season of basking in what makes you feel beautiful, sensual, magical and like the bad ass you are. Libra is all about embodying beauty, inside and out, so go get that massage, take that bath, do that facemask, wear that cashmere sweater. Whatever makes you feel inspired and sensual and connected to yourself and the world around you is worth pursuing, no shame necessary.

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SMELLS: Cinnamon and apples, candles that smell like the first day of fall, freshly crushed leaves, the lingering scent of the beach at summer, jasmine, honey suckle, rose petals right after the rain.

TASTES: Hot cocoa (especially late at night), baked apples, whiskey, apple cider, chai tea, rose macaroons, lavender lemonade, fresh coconut.

COLORS: Rose quartz pinks, abalone shell, sky blue, opal, avocado green, ocean teal, the color of the clouds and the sky, deep rose red, pearl white, lavender purple.

TEXTURES: Cotton candy clouds, silks and satins, tulles as light as the wind, the feel of chocolate mousse against your tongue, sand against bare feet, cashmere.

COLLECTIONS: Rodarte Spring 2019 RTW

TO WEAR: Long slips that flutter at the calf in the colors of the sky and sea, light as air pink sweaters in shades of rose, vintage costume pearls (the more oversized the better), oversized hats that tie under the chin, layered lace dresses in jewel tones, purple and pink scarves worn in every which way, silver eyeshadow worn under the eyes, glitter eyeshadow, shells on everything, vintage fringe dresses, silk tank tops, vintage lace lingerie in pastels and ivory, anything that feels delicious against bare skin.

TO SEE: The ocean, the sunset, bonfires that feel like fall, Marie Antionette.

TO HEAR: “Venus” Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” Lady Gaga, “Star” Willow Smith

CRYSTALS: Rose Quartz to connect to your heart, Opal to connect to Venus, Clear Quartz to energize and activate it all.

gabriela herstik