On August 26th, we had the Full Moon in Pisces; the first Full Moon we've had post- eclipse season, and while Mercury has been direct. All the cosmic clutter of the past few months is beginning to shift and shake, and through it we're able to see lessons and opportunities with more clarity. This Full Moon is all about our healing, our magick, our connection to nature and self; and through it all, how we nurture what we want to grow and tend to. We'll be feeing the effects of the full moon for another couple of days so give yourself some TLC. Be tender with yourself. Wear something that connects you to your magick; think silks in shades of the ocean, glitter as eyeshadow, opalescent white everything, button downs unbuttoned and tied at the waist, oversized pearls, and anything that reminds you of the moon. 

The Full Moon is the energetic peak of the month, when our intuition is on high, and we’re able to receive downloads, messages, and insight from the higher realms more easily. This is the perfect day for all forms of magick, and an opportunity for us to reflect on the past two weeks (since the New Moon) as well as all the lessons eclipse and retrograde season have brought us. If you've been having crazy dreams, and feel like everything is shifting, you're not alone. We just wrapped up three eclipses in a row, and this Full Moon was a cosmic reminder to be present through all the pain and love and healing.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, a water sign that holds the lessons and intuition of the signs before it. Pisces is the caretaker, the intuitive, the healer, the nurturer. Pisces Magick is in its depths, in its ability to feel and sense that beneath the surface. Yesterday’s Full Moon in Pisces is asking you to be tender. Surrender to the feels. Wade in what makes you feel mystical and magical and loved. Spend time under the Moon tonight, take a bath with Epsom salt and lavender, go to the beach, watch videos of the ocean, do some yoga, meditate, breathe, kiss someone, write love letters, buy yourself flowers; today is all about the HEART and all her art. What makes you feel love? Pleasure? What connects you to your intuition and magick? Do that!

Magick around past lives, healing, love, the ocean, mermaids and the feary realm, divination, deepening your esoteric studies, trance work, cleansing, tea rituals and creating art inspired by what this moon means to YOU is also perfect for this energy. 

Photo by Gabi Rosales, wearing  Moon Arrow Co.

Photo by Gabi Rosales, wearing Moon Arrow Co.

TO WEAR: Silk robes in shades of the ocean, silver glitter on your eyelids, cashmere sweaters in rose quartz, platform sandals in opalescent white, highlighter for days, white jeans and vintage tops, antique lace, silk button ups tied at the bottom, oversized costume pearls, pale pink lipstick, plenty of blush, jade rings, oversized gold earrings, anything inspired by Aphrodite. 
TO SEE: True Romance, Daisies, Breakfast at Tiffany's; anything that makes you feel hopeful for humanity, in touch with LOVE, in your heart. Whatever your feel good, go to movie is  watch that.
TO EAT: Fresh mango with coconut yogurt, berries in reds, blues and purples, lavender lattes, fresh cotton candy, anything you can take with you to picnic on the beach.
TO DRINK: Coconut water straight from the coconut, tequila with plenty of lime.
TO LISTEN TO: Venus by Lady Gaga, Edith Piaf, Bjork, Ariana Grande.
TO TOAST TO: Summer and all the memories she's held for us.

gabriela herstik