After the freaky, innovative and vaguely chaotic energy of Aquarius season, we’re led into the depths of our feels with water sign Pisces and the emotional domain of her season. The last zodiac sign of the twelve, Pisces marks the end of the astrological year, carrying the depth of the 11 signs before it and leading us even deeper into the mystical water of our souls. While Aquarius season may have asked us to try something new and out of the box, or inspired us to go on adventure and maybe even run from our feelings a little, Pisces is taking a mirror to our subconscious and making us look directly at our shit. This is a season of intensity, inviting the waters and currents of our shadows to come into our field of vision. It’s as if with a kiss or a gentle invitation that Pisces season, represented by the glyph of the fish, asks us to expose ourselves to our wide range of feelings. This is not a time to hide, but a time to seek. A chance to examine the corners of our hearts and souls so we can better nurture all parts of ourselves. Pisces consciousness asks us to be whole in our humanity, to embrace all of ourselves including our shadows, our connection to other realms and the divine, and of course our connection to ourself.

Pisces season can feel like the most relaxing of pools on a blissful summer afternoon, with your favorite drink in hand and your most etheric bathing suit on. It’s the feeling of peering past the veil and seeing things with clarity and a new perspective. But like the ocean, this sign can also feel fierce and unwelcoming if you don’t approach it with surrender and tenderness. Our own emotions can turn hostile when we don’t know their language or aren’t willing to understand their message. For the sake of this season, embrace all the tears, all the intuitive hits, all the inklings of freakiness that are bound to show you new depths of freedom.

Pisces are innovators in their own ways, following the guide of their heart to create their art. So be inspired by whatever box you want to ignore. See things from a new angle. Wear your favorite shirt as a skirt, wear capes, drape yourself in fabrics as light as air and as flowy as water. Layer tulle on tulle, wear oversized blazers and your hair in braids. Grab your glitter and wear it as eyeshadow. Wear loads of blush on your cheeks and matching pink lipstick. Layer your vintage oversized band shirts with sheer skirts and fishnets. Wear layers of pink silk and satin, own the innerwear as outerwear trend, decide that silk pajamas are the perfect day clothes. Embrace the part of your style that is as radical and free and nonconformist as the ocean herself; only you can make the rules this season.

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February 18th — March 20th

SMELLS: Fresh linen, the smell of the ocean, lavender, gardenia, roses, fresh laundry, the smell of a lovers skin lingering on your sheets.

TASTES: Fresh berries, fresh juice, oysters, lemonade, fresh salads, champagne, herbal tea.

COLORS: The white of sea foam, all the blues of the ocean, the pinks, oranges and yellows of the sky at sunset. The azure of the midday sky. Pearly white, opalescent violets, sea foam green, periwinkle blue, silver, gold.

TEXTURES: Pearls, vintage beaded gowns, lamé, silk, satin, tulle, all the textures that feel as delicious as water against your naked body and light as air in the wind.

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COLLECTION: Gucci Fall 2019 RTW

TO WEAR: Costume pearls and diamonds over vintage tee shirts. Mesh on mesh on mesh. Pearlescent highlighter on your eyelids and the apples of your cheeks. Lipstick in light purple and bright pink. Blue eyeshadow. Silver eyeliner and cat eyes in white and sea-foam green. Layered vintage dresses with sheer and airy shawls. Lace on lace on lace. Silky pashminas in all the colors of the ocean. Metallics in blues, greens and silvers. Monochrome on monochrome. Silks and satins that feel like heaven against bare skin. Lingerie in ivory and the lightest pink. Spiked chokers and sneakers with velvet tracksuits. Crimson lace tights under oversized vintage tee shirts with mules. Anything that makes you feel magical, like an empress. Oversized blazers worn as dresses with lacy lingerie underneath. Anything that dares you to embrace your inner magick.

TO SEE: The Holy Mountain, Pan’s Labyrinth, Marie Antoinette

TO HEAR: Bjork, The Cramps (Poison Ivy was a Pisces), Nirvana (so was Kurt Cobain)

gabriela herstik