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November 22 — December 21

After the intentsity and depth of Scorpio season, Sagittarius season can hit us like a party we didn’t know we needed. If we’ve escaped the initiation and descent into the darkness that was the reign of Scorpio, than we have the opportunity to dance with the alchemical fire that is Sagittarius. Represented by the archer, Sagittarius is a visionary hedonist with a passion for exploration, humanitarianism and making the most out of this damn life. Non-Traditional and all about exploring what it means to LIVE, Sagittarius season can really shake things up, asking us what our truest, deepest desires are. And if you’ve already done this work during Scorpio season, then the hard part is over. Now is the time to own your purpose and set your golden arrow to where you want to shoot.

This is the time to really get clear on what you’re looking for. What lights your inner flame? What keeps you buzzing with love and pleasure and ecstasy? What calls you patiently and passionately to presence? When do you feel the most alive? This is the season to find that. Start along the path of self-discovery — walk confidently to the direction of your dreams. Claim your fire. Own it like the goddess you are.

Wear red for a week. Layer in oversized tees and turtlenecks, finish off with a scarf tied under your chin. Wear your favorite faux leather jacket and thigh high stockings with a seam up the back. Wear your favorite denim. Wear whatever makes you feel excited to be alive. This is not the season for being boring, for exploring deep commitment or for pursuing something half-ass. It’s the season to unleash your inner slut, sex vixen, goddess. It’s the time to pursue what turns your soul on. It’s a chance to embody the fire you so desperately seek. So go forth, and don’t be sorry about it.

Photo by Carrie Lynn Tessa

Photo by Carrie Lynn Tessa

SMELLS: The pavement before it rains, all the candles burning at once, the smell of the fireplace when it’s cold and still out, homemade cooking in the oven, musk on lovers skins, fresh laundry, the smell of an old book.

TASTES: Rich red wine, fresh pomegranate seeds, beets, lapsang souchong tea, honey, raspberries, champagne, coffee in the morning.

COLORS: The colors of fire; deep crimson, piercing blue, orange the shade of the sun. Vibrant yellow, cherry red, deep burgundy, green the color of the forest, blacks and grays the shades of the trees in winter. Slate gray the color of ash. White as pure as snow, the color of eggshell, the color of rebirth.

TEXTURES: Knits that are thick and soft, rich and warm. Faux leather, cashmere and silk, layered cotton, thick and resilient denim.

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TO WEAR: Oversized vintage horror tees layered over long sleeves and turtlenecks, knee length plaid skirts with unexpected silhouettes, elbow length gloves, veils over everything. Red, red and more red. Red the color of blood, the color of love, the color of lust, the color of betrayal. Thigh high boots and cheetah gloves, sheer dresses, hand beaded pieces past on from your grandma (or the local thrift.) Red lipstick and orange lipstick and pink lipstick the shade of Barbie. Thigh high black stockings with a seam up the back. Anything that makes you feel sexy, sensual, seductive, domineering and powerful.

TO SEE: Moulin Rouge!

TO HEAR: Interpol, True Widow, Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman, Creepoid, Kali Uchis; anything that makes you feel sexy, dark and powerful.

CRYSTALS: Garnet- This stone corresponds to the root chakra, helping us find energy, passion and direction with lots of sensual and sexual energy thrown in there. An incredibly powerful creative stone, this is perfect if you’re looking to integrate creativity and sexuality, or if you just want some more energetic fire under your bum.

Clear Quartz- The LBD of the crystal world, this stone can be used for anything and everything. Clear Quartz is an energetic amplifier, meaning that it can help amplify whatever other crystals you’re working with, and it can help bring power to your magick and intention. Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra, with universal truth, power and love.

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