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Do you feel that? A sacred shift in the air, a heaviness descending on silken skin as darkness crawls closer, inch by inch. It’s the waning year, when the nights are getting longer and days are getting shorter. It’s time for the divine depths of the infamous Scorpio Season. Ruled by planets Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is assertive, sexual, sensual, deep, transformative and powerful. This is not a season to skim over the shadows, but an opportunity to jump in, head first. As the seasons continue to shift, we too are invited to view our pain, shame, trauma, sensuality and depths as gifts and not weaknesses. Scorpio season calls us out on where we’re dancing on the surface, and instead invites us into the night.

An opportunity to transmute, this season brings us the gifts of the diabolical and divine feminine. Think all the women who have been vilified for their sexuality, for their “darkness,” for fiercely protecting something they believe in. Now is the time to gather the ancestors, plunge into the unknown and transform into a new entity. It’s time to wear your blackest black, your latex, your leather, that perfume given to you by a lover whose name you promised not to utter. If there’s ever a time to embody the witch, the sorceress, the occultist…it’s now.

Slip into something that helps you feel in touch with your erotic self. Wear the lingerie you’re saving for a special occasion. Light a candle for all those who have come before and allowed you to be where you are. Speak the name of those who’ve passed and must be remembered. Where your sheer black veil with pride, pat on your red lipstick and plant your feet firmly into the earth. It’s Scorpio Season, and the season of the witch.

Ann Demeulemeester SS19

Ann Demeulemeester SS19

SMELLS: Campfire, the bare earth under the full moon, fresh cotton sweaters, cashmere, palo santo, copal, cedar, sandalwood, lovers skin in the early morning, Black Opium by YSL, leather, musk.

TASTES: Whiskey, apple cider, halloween candy, red wine, lovers lips, fresh strawberries, honey.

COLORS: Slate gray, deep crimson red, cherry red, every shade of black, bright and blinding white, the red of the sky before a storm, the color of the ocean at midnight.

TEXTURES: Faux leather, latex, faux fur the fluffiest you can get, thick knits, wool, cashmere, firewood, marble, anything elegant and creepy.

COLLECTIONS: Ann Demeulemeester SS19

TO WEAR: Black sheer veils that hide your face, faux leather harnesses over sweaters and dresses, black, black and more black, bell sleeves, latex gloves as short or long as you like, layered dresses with plenty of ruffles, Doc Martens, silver fake leather jackets, black fake leather jackets, faux furs in crimson reds and gray, cheetah pants, old and oversized vintage band shirts, thigh high boots, skin tight bandage dresses, oversized fishnet tights, all red looks.

TO SEE: Beetlejuice, The Witch, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

TO HEAR: True Widow” self titled album, "The Pale Emperor” by Marilyn Manson

CRYSTALS: Black Tourmaline to clear any negative or stagnant energy, Clear Quartz to channel and transmute, Fluorite to help you connect to your third eye, Angelite to help you connect to your ancestors and the spirit realm.

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