Red doesn't apologize, ever. Red is brash and bold, like cherry red kisses left on napkins in dive bars in Hollywood, smudged and waiting for seduction.  Red is blood, the promise of death; "there's blood beneath every layer of skin," like Lee Alexander McQueen said. Red is subversive, a statement, the color of flesh left in the sun for too long. You don't wear red if you don't want to be noticed, you don't wear red if you're not ready to be seen. Red is passion, slow kisses, fiery lust fueling fantasy. Red is a ploy for power, a glamour that refuses to submit. Red is dominance, self-satiation, sleek eroticism with a touch of "je ne sais quoi." Red is the sole of a Louboutin, a silent "come hither" only outdone when paired with lacquered nails in the same hue. Red is revolution, red is the apocalypse, red is the color of not giving a damn.


  1. All at once. On nails, lips, legs, breasts and finished off with a red blazer. Add a red headscarf, beret or veil to polish off the look.
  2. On lips while exclusively wearing all black. 
  3. By collecting red blouses with excess ruffles. 
  4. On all accessories. Shiny red pumps, red vinyl bags, red faux leather jackets, two handfuls of vintage costume rings adorned with rubies. 
  5. On eyes, lips and cheeks.
  6. On fingernails and toes. 
  7. Like a rockabilly, pairing a cherry hued vintage crop top with high-waisted leopard trousers. 
  8. On a vinyl party dress finished with nude platforms.
  9. As graphic eyeliner. 
  10. In tartan maxi dresses paired with red platform sandals and cherry stained lips. 
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gabriela herstik