Virgo New Moon Mood

It’s that time of month, when we get a cosmic reset and the ability to discern what needs our attention and what does not. Yesterday’s New Moon in Virgo is asking us to wade in the shadows, to focus on the darkness. You may be feeling emotional, low energy, annoyed, reclusive, or you may be feeling the potent energy of Virgo asking you to step up into this new era. Virgo is the healer, the wise one, the sensualist, connected to the earth and her healing. Virgo energy is back to school energy; it’s progressive, transformative, analytical and when evolved its the difference between judgment and discernment.

Yesterday’s New Moon may be over, but her affects still linger. The Virgo New Moon is asking us to level up. To be compassionate to ourselves while also reminding us that we can grow and meet ourselves where we want to be. What does your dream life look like? What does the healthiest, most grounded, most sensual version of yourself look like? How can you step up to make that a reality?

Take some time today to meditate, journal, breathe, reflect, orgasm, dance: whatever’s going to get you back in your body. Make a list of your spiritual, physical, professional, mental and emotional needs and set goals for yourself for each. Reflect on this as the moon waxes. What structures can you create to help support your vision? This energy is here to help you grow and bloom and level the fuck up.

TO WEAR: Fresh white shirts, vintage band tees, all black, soft as butter linens, red scarves tied under the chin, jewel tones on eyes, lips and body, denim that’s as dark as the night, white on white on white, anything and everything Thom Browne, fresh flowers in your hair, vintage silver jewelry, perfumes that smell like the earth, lipsticks the colored of dried roses, eyeshadow the color of lavender, highlighter the color of pearls.

TO SEE: Freshly organized notebooks at the local bookstore, the magazine stand, freshly pressed white shirts fresh out of the dryer. An organized desk, a new classroom, a smile from a friend you haven’t seen in months.

TO EAT: Fresh green salads with quinoa, veggies right off the grill, lavender lemonade, dark chocolate.

TO DRINK: Green tea, lapsing souchong tea, watermelon water and other fresh drinks made of fresh fruit (aka AGUAS FRESCAS to celebrate the last of summer.)

TO LISTEN TO: Everything and anything by our Virgo Queen Beyoncé.


Photo/ Collage/ MUA: Shea Hardy

gabriela herstik