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Virgo season is here, baby. If you've been called to clean, rearrange, organize, or just generally get your life together, this is why! Virgo is one of the healers of the zodiac, the perfectionist who knows how to maximize their time to get shit done. Virgo is an earth sign and our first foray into Fall; think expansive, transformative, grounded, empress energy. This is that "back to school" feeling that keeps us on our toes. While some may say that Virgo's are too focused on the details and too into making sure everything is just right, it's this mental clarity and precision that makes this sign so special. 

Astrologically, this is a chance for us to get our ducks in a row. We just had three eclipses and Mercury and six other planets in retrograde; Virgo season is asking us to find our footing, press our foreheads into the earth and charge up with the magick of the world around us. Dig your feet into the ground, drink some water, put on your favorite vintage tee and bask in this magick!

Virgo may be the virgin, but that doesn't mean they don't have their own wild nature. If we think of virginity as the idea of belonging to oneself, and not someone who hasn't had sex, we're able to understand this season in it's fullest evolution. Virgo is all about honoring the self, honoring what needs to be done in the moment, and making it happen as efficiently as possible. What are YOUR needs? What will help YOU feel in touch and in control? These are the sort of questions this season asks us to ponder. 

Virgo season is all about crisp, clean lines, comfortable cotton, blazers and work wear that has some extra oomph. How can you toe the line between sensual and professional? What can help you get in touch with your most sensual, healing self? Virgo season wants you to try on different hats until you find one that fits. Think the hottest mom at the PTA meeting, or elegant au pair in Paris. Simple and business appropriate pieces don't have to be boring! Read on for our guide to embracing Virgo season as your fullest, most magical self. 

From left: Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Miu Miu, Gucci

From left: Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Miu Miu, Gucci

SMELLS: Fresh school supplies, unused notebooks, antique books, fresh washed linen, the earth before and after it rains, the leaves in autumn, Black Opium by YSL. 

TASTES: Deep purple beets, mezcal, fresh French vanilla, coffee, green tea, matcha, vanilla ice cream with berries, fresh salads in deep greens, veggies and fruits the color of the rainbow.

COLORS: Camel, deep chocolate brown, empress purple, violet, opalescent white, jade, the colors of the earth in fall, deep crimson red, bleach blonde yellow, metallic, gold.

TEXTURES: Air soft linen, vegan leather, denim that fits like a second skin, the starch of a fresh button down shirt, the feeling of your hands in the earth, being barefoot on the ground, satin on bare skin, cotton everything, light knits that you can live in between summer and fall, tartan everything.

COLLECTIONS: Fall 2018 RTW: Rick Owens, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, Miu Miu, Gucci.

TO WEAR: Crisp collared shirts, linens in every color that tantalizes your senses, vintage cotton tees, denim that fits like a dream, structured jackets with eye-catching patterns, blazers in interesting silhouettes, cherry red pumps, white sneakers, newsboy caps, teeny tiny bags, faux leather briefcases with elegant details, no nonsense structured bags, anything that gives you the excitement of picking out your first day of school outfit. 

 TO SEE: Catch Me If You Can, The Wolf of Wall Street, Empire Records, Stranger Things

TO HEAR: Michael Jackson; Virgo king, and Beyonce; Virgo Queen.

CRYSTALS:  Smoky quartz to help lessen anxiety, amethyst to help heal and connect to your intuition, angelite to help connect to the angelic realms and messages from above, tourmaline to help deflect negative energy and protect.

gabriela herstik